Escape to the Chateau

Starts Sunday the 27th of November at 8pm, Channel 4
Series two returns to Chateau De La Motte Hdick-and-angel-ettc-2-drillingusson to check how Dick and Angel are faring
now that they are married and ensconced as the self-styled Lord and Lady of their new domain. It’s nearly two years since they bought the chateau. It has tried their patience and swallowed up all of their money. It was the kind of project that would scare off practically anyone of a sane mind; even experts in the field of renovating historical buildings. But Dick and Angel refused to give up, culminating in their joyous wedding at the end of series one.

In this new series, we see them consolidating the work they started, embark on further major projects and craft initiatives, and look to fully integrate themselves and their two young children into the French lifestyle. And if that isn’t enough, they are also working flat out to transform the chateau into the thriving, self-sustaining hub of productivity they promised to create for themselves when they purchased it. But the road to business success is a long one and as the work continues, they realise that they’ve hardly scratched the surface


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