NEW – DJI Ronin Camera Stabiliser

I now have a 3-axis camera stabiliser for hire and use on productions.  The Ronin allows for incredibly stable dynamic camera move and can replace a Dolly, Jib and Slider with one pice of kit.  It can be used with anything from a 5D to C300 or Red EPIC.  Get in touch for more info.

DJi Ronin 3-Axis Stabilized Handheld Gimbal System

Developed for the filmmaking professional. High build quality standards ensure that it keeps up with the demands of rigorous handheld use in trying environments. Simply hold it in your hands to create smooth and stable footage. Custom built ultra-fast processors, extremely accurate sensors, and advanced algorithms, together with fanatical attention to detail has created a system that offers remarkably precise manipulation of control angles – within the range of ±0.02°. This puts world-class, industry leading technology into your hands and creates unparalleled picture and video stabilization. 

DJi Ronin can be ready to shoot in as little as 5 minutes, saving time and increasing efficiency on set. The built-in ATS (Auto Tune Stability) technology intelligently tunes Ronin to your camera rig at the touch of a button.3 different modes of operation (uprght, underslung & briefcase) allow the Ronin to be used in different scenarios, all of which can be entered without changing settings on the Ronin Assistant app or a 2nd operator remote (included). SmoothTrack functionality remains in all three modes.

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